Bring The Dawn

by Aye Mammoth

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger With only three people having bought this excellent album Aye Mammoth are just about obscure enough to become my big new fave's. Favorite track: Firekeep.
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released April 16, 2014

Micah Loyed: vocals, guitars, snake bass, percussion, sounds, recording
Phil Stem: drums, percussion



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Aye Mammoth Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Thick tone to wreck your bones!

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Track Name: Weary Traveler
O' weary traveller
Come and sit for a while
Rest your tired bones
Ease your burdened mind
May you forever crash
Against that quiet stance
One droplet to ripple
That which is stagnant and still
Cast your pull on the tide
So that the storm won't yield
Track Name: War Drums
Wanderlust coursing through the veins
Summon the vision that will light the way
Strengthen the heart to lessen the weight
Treading towards lost glory to be reclaimed
Summon the war drums that
light the way
Land that lies in wreckage and disdain
Harken back to a better time and place
Awakened by a courage that sustains
Beckon a dormant flame catching a blaze
Track Name: Waking From The Haze
Through the hot winds
And blackest night
Holy man plunges hands into the sight
Shaking off the daze
Waking from the haze
Walk as a ghost
In between worlds
Spirit dance is sacred
Blood emblazoned
Track Name: Firekeep
In the depths of the mountain
Rivers of fire flows like fountains
Interstellar ride
Beyond space and time
Chariot of fire
Astral travel in the slip stream
Old vessel timeless sleep
Track Name: Maritime
Adrift the vastness with ruptured bow
From stem to stern in this cosmic ocean now
Mast is broken; stargazing scow
Tossed to and fro at the currents mercy now
Track Name: Dawnbringer
Arrow pierce the night
Falling until dawn
Charged to bring the light
March to the pantheon of the sun
Elder flame bring the dawn on
Bring the dawn of war
To haunters of the dark
Order must restore
What chaos wrought; hunt the dark
Track Name: Serpents In The Sky
Spawn of the old ones
Born from darkness
Bathed in brimstone
Spitting ashes
Serpents in the sky
Exhale malice
Breath of sulfur
Hostile fang
Den of hellfire
Track Name: Slay The Nightmare
Wisdom of the ancients
And the power of will
Summoned lightening
Veins it doth fill
Slay the living nightmare
Clash with living shadow
On brink of madness
A sight frightening
At edge of abyss